Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's day?

Valentine's day. I am feeling so much confusing about today. Am I going to celebrate Valentine's day without a Valentine?

I'm jealous of people who owned a valentine and luckily enough to have ac-companion for this special day. How many time I have celebrate Valentine's day? The answer would be : NO, none of it.
Today, you could see the ladies holding roses anywhere in the shopping malls and the guys holding their partner hands. For them, they were happily together. In the meanwhile, many of them still (including myself) were act happily celebrate independence day.

Yes, there are some people do wish me in Social apps. :Keith, Happy Valentine's day! Cmon, I am single, who cares of this Valentine's day.

When listening Life FM 'I will be right here waiting for you'. Damn, the song makes me almost crying la! In fact, not almost crying is actually SUDAH cried! Thus, please please please stop mentioning this to me LAH.

Single ladies and gentlemen, I knew you guys have phobia in this particular day. Even you saying, you don't give a Fxxk but deep in your heart, you long for someone special is with you in this special day.

I didn't receive any Valentines gift this year! However, I received one in 4 years back. Times flies :)
Goodnight. Start working tomorrow after a long CNY holiday. Good luck to myself :)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Reunion dinner 8/2/2016

It has been a long time, I am feeling glad to be coming back here.

I couldn't deny the times flies was so fast. A simple question, where did the time go? Day to day, you are getting older, People go in and out of your life. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. It always remind me life is short so live it.

This year is a Monkey year. You could see the monkey deco at everywhere in the shopping malls. Today is the day for the Chinese to have reunion dinner before Chinese New Year begin. Reunion dinner is an important activity in Chinese New Year. During the Reunion Dinner, all the family members will gather and have either lunch or dinner together. Most of them practicing to have dinner.

Every year, when it comes to reunion dinner, it's just my mom and me and I told myself it's okay. However, it was so grateful for this year reunion I make it 6 instead of 2. I would said this year will be the most wonderful, meaningful and cheerful Reunion dinner ever. We chit-chatting, laughing, enjoying food just like family members. Although we are not the real family members but there are no boundaries.

Simple dinner yet meaningful! Cheese XD

Sunday, 5 April 2015

06 APRIL 2015

Good Day everyone!
I'm gonna finish my internship in 2 more week! A wonderful working experience with my French Manager. I've learnt so much from her during my internship, she taught me a lot. I'm deeply appreciated and thankful for her caring, patient and guidance.
She impressed me! She motivated me! She encouraged me!

Wondering how the superwomen look like? Very soon, I'll upload our photo! Stay Tune! =P

I've been working as a part timer when I was 14 years old. Even those day, I worked with a tiny allowance but I'm grateful that the tiny allowance can be exchange with a priceless experiences. It's so much worthy!

You just live one, try to learn as much as you can.  There is a beautiful world out there, explore as more as you can! Do you agree with me? Maybe someone told you, working can be lifeless. BUT, if you don't work, your life will be miserable! Enjoying your work, take it as one of the part in your life.

After start a working life,  I loved so much weekend.
You fill your time with something meaningful! I felt so much amazing now because I see things beautifully. Sky is blue! Sea so much crystal clear! Flower blooming with so much colorful petals!

Show you guys some of my Bali Trip photo! =D

Believe me! The sun there in BALI was so much different from MALAYSIA. You can experience skin burning in BALI.

Finally finished 4 days 3 night stay in Bali!
It's the time forget the past and move forward. Just like the sea wave, it wouldn't stay. 
The only way
'Let it Go'

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Been A long time never update anything for my blog. Are u guys still remember I have a blog here? XD

Time flies very fast, the new calender is coming and a new year were reached year 2015. I think this year the GOAT will be the big boss. Wish myself and everyone HAPPY LUCKY ya!

In fact, I'm still very busy with my studies. I just finished the exam last week was pretty stress during the last semester. Anyway, everything is over. YoooHooooo... =D

Luckily, the last paper at 13th Jan. So happy, I can have a no stress birthday celebration on 14th Jan. Many of you inbox me, Whatsapp me greet me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a blast one. I would like to thanks all of you here and so much appreciated for those who wished me. As goes to you, Happy new year, 2015 !!!

I don't have a big birthday celebration this year. Everything gonna be simple and easy.

Received many birthday wishes
Received only one present from my mother
Received one birthday cake


I bought something for myself McDonald Mc Flurry Ice Cream!! Was really melts my heart!

Omg! Can you see the oreo? How can I resist this! They just gave me so much oreo when I told them, Today my Birthday, I felt like I'm the King today =P

Thank to my mom bought me this necklace! I love you mom <3 
She know I gym often and this necklace can prevent me from back pain and injury! 
How to describe the sweetness of her! 

SO how was it? Nice?

My bestie in my college life! Thank you, You guys for spending time accompany me.
We are just too close to be a Real brother. We talk, smile, laugh, kidding, learn, work together. This year will be the fourth years you guys celebrate birthday for me, so much appreciated. Hope our friendship is still counting and never end!

We all turned to be an Adult. No longer the kids like last time. HAHA!! Anyway, We are unplanned to have a same style outfit and same color short pants which you guys can't see at here. 2mrw we start working in the different places, I hope we still meeting each others! Good luck !

Only cake in my year! Thanks Syohn!

They surprised me with their beautiful voice singing birthday song for me!
Thanks !

Simple dinner treat from Syohn! HAHA! He cooked the chicken! So, Chicken breast became our compulsory dishes! I was really get shocked when he told me: " KEITH, tonight dinner I'm gonna surprised you with my cooking skills! " Finally!  A very warm dinner that I never have before! I can see he really cook that chicken with the sincerity heart. Touching! Frankly, so glad to have them in my life.

I'm gonna stop here and sleep now. 2mrw will be my first day working!
Gonna sleep now. Good night to all of you! Good Luck! Muaxk!

Monday, 24 November 2014


Left one more week to go. You gonna flip your calender to December. Time flies so fast. I think everyone of you can feel the Christmas ambiance at everywhere especially in the shopping mall. Obviously, 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' LOL. Santa is coming here soon.

I been dreaming in the GYM today. What Santa will bring to me this year. =/

Last time I think Christmas just a typical day and nothing special for me Pun. The most interesting thing during Christmas Eve is, you can see many couples kissing, hug and holding hand walking on the street. Come on, such a Romantic day to spend time with the love how can we not doing all this during this day. Hehehe. ^^

Today I've been in Pavilion. There full of Christmas decoration. Full of people taking photo over there. Omg, look at the couples! They are kissing! No photo showing here due to the privacy =)

How was the decoration this year? I've been standing here for awhile and enjoying seeing the deco. I really like it so much. Don't know why, the deco melt my heart badly. Huhu. 
I think one day, I must spend my Christmas in another country with enjoying the snow. DAMN, It would be so cool!

Last Year Christmas photo still with me! See their decoration.

 Everything change.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hello October

I never been here for sometime. Been so quiet recently.






可是,你問你自己,你到底了解人家多少? 到底你又憑什麼?


Sunday, 10 August 2014


Seem familiar with the symbol, right? It's Horoscope. I was so much into Horoscope when I was a primary student. I 'll check on the school magazine every week for the Horoscope description. So much fun of reading it.

Weird things happened, I don't read Horoscope anymore after I finished my UPSR (after standard 6 I' no longer read Horoscope again) The reason why I am not reading it because I felt like Horoscope is kinda childish stuff to read about, since I'm going to secondary school, BIG boy edy shouldn't read this. =P

I am a January baby. My Horoscope:Capricorn

Recently, I started search on the Horoscope website and read on my Horoscope personality. Wish to know more about myself.


























More horoscope can you click in to this website: